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The use of music in education is a fun and engaging way for children to learn a wide variety of skills. Using music in education programs has been proven to improve children’s behaviour, communication, and social and emotional development.


The magic of using music lies in its accessibility and ability to engage. Those of all backgrounds can benefit from the use of music in their education, including those who are socially, culturally and linguistically diverse. All can use music, as music bridges identities, backgrounds and abilities.


Using music in learning requires no prior musical ability. The act of using music is what is beneficial and helpful to children’s development — not the final result. Using music improves children’s skills in communication and language, rhythm and rhyme, songs and instruments, and wellbeing and identity.

About Using Music



Using Music is a partner and mentor to the educator, built for those who want to grow their knowledge of the purpose and process of using music to enhance learning outcomes for children.


We empower teachers, parents, and educators to use music in children’s learning and development, and support kinder educators to add accessible music experiences into everyday programs. Using Music facilitators are Registered Music Therapists and Registered Teachers, trained and experienced to understand the holistic learning needs of children.


We offer mentoring directed at educators of early learning kindergartens and preschool children, with programs that are flexible, personalised, and building on existing skills.


Our Services



We offer evidence-based workshops, webinars, and mentoring for educators and parents, all of which are personalised to each individual kinder service.


Mentoring sessions are flexible, wherein our Using Music facilitators join you on-site to consult during the kinder session, and follow up with professional learning at a time that suits the kinder. Our specialised programs, workshops, and professional learning are flexibly delivered, and targeted towards individual goals.


To learn more about enhancing everyday experiences with children, or to book our services, click here.

Get to Know Us

Meet the team behind Using Music!

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