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Using Music for
School Readiness

Mentoring, Workshops and Webinars

Empowering early childhood kindergarten communities to use music for social and emotional wellbeing through engaging music and mentoring support.


Welcome to Using Music

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SRF 2024

Let's work together!

Using Music supports Kindergarten 

teachers and educators to use fun and accessible music experiences to support communication, wellbeing and inclusion.

Using Music understands the delay in the SRF allocation and planning cycle for 2024. 
We are here to support you with your program and planning.

Using Music offers music and mentoring support
for Early Childhood Teachers, Educators and children.

"Pip Reid's Using Music workshop and mentoring sessions provided lots of valuable ideas and strategies which we have incorporated into our programs. We enjoyed building on our knowledge, repertoire of songs and musical experiences which enhance the education outcomes for the children in areas of communication, wellbeing, focus and self regulation."

Mary, Kindergarten Director

Music and Wellbeing

How music can help you and

the children you teach and care for

Using music with young children supports their social and emotional development. We provide music and mentoring to equip you with the knowledge and strategies to use music in your program.



Music is just so important in the early years. It can support healthy brain development, support communication, build relationships and create happy experiences and environments. When music is integrated into everyday experiences, children are provided with the ideal foundation for healthy brain development and school readiness. 

Using Music helps to build the capacity of teachers, educators and families to use music to improve children's learning and wellbeing. We're passionate about using positive music-based strategies to meet the diverse learning styles of all children. Strategies do not require any prior music experience, and ideas can be integrated throughout the day.

Using Music is a registered provider on the SRF Menu. Our programs are flexible to meet your goals and needs. We are happy to offer you the information to add Using Music to your plan.

I look forward to supporting you to increase the use of music in your early learning program for the benefit of you, and the children you love and support.

Pip Reid



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